About Organic Consultants, Inc.

Organic Consultants, Inc. is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) for the pharmaceutical, materials, and chemical industries.

For over 30 years, Organic Consultants, Inc. has provided a variety of synthetic and other chemistry services for our clients. Over this time, we have developed a reputation as a reliable and experienced outsourcing partner.

Dedicated To Organic Chemistry

We are dedicated to applying our knowledge and experience in organic chemistry to the synthetic and process research needed by our clients. We recognize the importance of developing economical, safe, and reproducible synthetic routes on time and within budget.

about organic consultants inc

Synthetic Organic Chemists

We are a small, privately held company comprised exclusively of chemists, mainly PhD level synthetic organic chemists. Our scientists have a passion for chemistry and take pleasure in solving difficult chemistry problems, allowing them to creatively apply their expertise in complex organic syntheses to the goals of our clients.

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