Facilities & Equipment

Organic Consultants, Inc. occupies two well-designed laboratory spaces in Eugene, Oregon.

Both facilities have a large amount of hood space and standard equipment for modern organic synthesis and chemical analysis. We maintain access to the majority of scientific journals and hold a SciFinder account.

Our equipment includes:

  • Four Agilent HPLCs – reverseve phase and chiral columns
  • Two Varian T-60 NMRs
  • Local use of 300 and 500 MHz NMRs
  • Gas Chromatograph
  • UV/Vis
  • IR
  • Rudolph Autopol Polarimeter
  • Biotage Isolera and Horizon Automated Flash Chromatography
  • Local use of Agilent LC/MS
  • Access to X-Ray Crystallographer
cascade chemistry equipment

If you’d like to receive an estimate or discuss a project, call us at 541-484-5971 or contact us by clicking here.