Careers at Cascade Chemistry

Join the growing Aceto team with a career in API manufacturing

Check out career opportunities at Eugene, OR-based Cascade Chemistry by Aceto, a leading global provider of specialty materials for life sciences and advanced technology end markets.

At Cascade, we work in complicated chemistry, process R&D and API manufacturing, delivering superb CDMO services.

Join our entrepreneurial team of highly skilled chemists with backgrounds from pharma, specialty chemicals, and academia.

Mission Statement:

We know that our best work comes from including everyone at the table for open conversation. Our commitment to inclusion and diversity is driven by our employees and is ever evolving as we learn and grow. We create a platform where everyone is open to difficult conversations with the goal of improving our foundation of an equitable and growing environment. Through professional development and inclusion workshops and seminars, Cascade strives to provide equal opportunities to persons of all backgrounds—encouraging personal and professional growth.

Vision Statement:

We commit ourselves to providing a workplace environment where all individuals feel like they are respected and valued by the company and their colleagues, where all individuals have the opportunity for career advancement, and where diversity is prevalent and celebrated within the company. We welcome individuals from all walks of life because we know that our unique life experiences and skills are what make our company successful.

API Manufacturing
Synthetic Services
Analytical Services
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