What Sets Us Apart

Cascade Chemistry’s API manufacturing and process R&D services are agile, flexible, and collaborative.If you are looking to outsource complicated chemistry, process R&D and API manufacturing, you need a partner with the capability, experience, and agility to overcome whatever challenges arise. You need the right team for the job, access to the scientists doing the work, and flexibility to accommodate the way you work. Here’s what you can expect from Cascade Chemistry:

  • We are process focused. Our team of chemists — 75% of whom are senior PhD chemists —are highly experienced at anticipating issues and moving quickly to scale up solutions. We are fast to move APIs from bench to reactor, then on to our skilled quality team.
  • We are accessible. We love working with customers who want to go into the weeds with our technical team and collaborate with our senior chemists or management. Nothing excites us more than building trust with our clients — working as an extension of your team to move rapidly toward achieve your goal.
  • We work the way you work. We are quick to adjust: to move schedules to fit customers’ needs, get the right people on the job, and deliver what you need, when you need it.
  • We problem solve. From the moment we begin developing your proposal, we’re collaborating and sharing our insights to stay on course, on budget, and on time.
  • We make tech transfer easy. As you scale up for higher-volume production, you work with the same chemists who managed the development work, with no loss of momentum or hands-on knowledge. Our collaboration does not end if you need to transfer to a larger facility, either. We can make the transfer to anywhere, and make the handoff effortless as well as helping to troubleshoot any issues that arise.

Our History

Cascade Chemistry, acquired in June 2021 as a division of Aceto, was founded over 40 years ago by University of Oregon chemistry professor Lloyd Dolby, PhD, as one of the first chemistry outsourcing companies, originally called Organic Consultants. Upon Dr. Dolby’s retirement in 2012, Jeremiah Marsden, PhD, a synthetic chemist on staff, purchased the company.

Maintaining Dolby’s key values of superb client interaction and communication, alongside excellence in chemistry and problem-solving, Dr. Marsden rebranded Organic Consultants as Cascade Chemistry – both to signal the company’s focus on chemistry and to honor the Cascade Mountain region where Eugene, Oregon-based Cascade is located.

In less than a decade, Dr. Marsden and his team achieved significant growth through an increasing focus on process chemistry, scale up, and API cGMP manufacturing that has helped biopharma clients bring their discoveries to clinical trial.

Backed by its team of experienced, scientifically driven chemists, Cascade Chemistry works with virtual, small, and even large pharmaceutical companies solving difficult synthesis and process problems, and manufacturing custom APIs.

As part of the Aceto family of companies, Cascade Chemistry expands Aceto’s capabilities to support its customers throughout the drug development process, with greater access to expanded North American manufacturing, particularly for APIs and advanced intermediates. Aceto is a leading global virtual manufacturer supplying niche, differentiated specialty materials in life sciences and advanced technology end markets.

When Can We Start?

Whether you need help taking your API through synthesis to cGMP manufacturing or want expertise in synthesis or analytical investigation before planning to manufacture elsewhere, Cascade Chemistry is here for you.

Call us at 541-484-2387 to discuss your requirements and timeline and find out more about our services and team or contact us to get started today.

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