Capabilities & Experience

Devising and improving synthetic routes is a focal point for the scientists working at Cascade Chemistry.

Our chemists have in-depth experience in process improvement and development of existing chemistry routes and scaling from discovery focus to production focus. Additionally, our chemists are well-versed in the transfer process from a non-GMP setting to the GMP environment. Our chemists that develop the process are also directly involved in the GMP manufacturing of the API. Our analytical chemist have years of experience with method development and validation and are a key part of the process team.

Providing reference standards and markers for FDA regulations concerning active pharmaceutical ingredients has become a major part of our business. We have decades of experience identifying, isolating, characterizing, and synthesizing known or unknown process impurities and degradatants.

Since Cascade was founded, we have been working safely with controlled substances. We maintain Schedule II-V DEA licenses for manufacturing and research.

Synthetic Route Experience

Our experience and capabilities include:

  • Heterocycles
  • Amino acids and small peptides
  • Alkaloids
  • Opioids, morphanans
  • Controlled substances Schedule 2
  • Steroids
  • Materials for ADC’s
  • Chiral syntheses
  • Stable Isotopes
  • Hydrogenations
  • Classical Resolutions
  • Highyl insoluble materials
  • Prostaglandins
  • Highly conjugated materials

Analytical Experience

Our experience and capabilities include:

  • Method Development
  • Method Validation
  • Stability Studies
  • Forced Degradation
  • Identification of impurities
  • Isolation of impurities
  • Reference standard characterization
chemistry experience

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