Custom Synthesis

Custom syntheses can vary from simple one-step procedures or purification to multi-step syntheses of complex materials.

Smaller projects can be a scale-up of a known compound from drug discovery or a literature procedure. Projects like these are completed on a firm quote basis that includes amount, purity and delivery date. Each compound is shipped with a certificate of analysis detailing the GLPC or HPLC curves and a 300 MHz NMR spectrum. We provide additional analytical data and a detailed write-up if the client requests these before the quote is prepared.

Custom Synthesis Projects

Generally, we base quotes for more involved projects on the estimated time needed to complete the custom synthesis. Ordinary chemical costs are usually very much less than the labor and our normal daily fee includes chemicals. If a particularly expensive chemical is required, that cost is identified before the quote is prepared.

We offer a custom synthesis catalog of compounds we have prepared for previous projects. Some of these are in stock.

If you’d like to receive an estimate for a project, call us at 541-484-2387 or contact us by clicking here.

custom synthesis