Cascade Chemistry offers services in several areas of synthetic organic chemistry.

We can devise syntheses for new compounds or compounds which are difficult to obtain by current methods. We also complete custom synthesis using literature methods or procedures provided by the client. Isolation and identification of low level compounds which are process impurities or impurities generated in aging and stability studies is another of our specialties.

  • Research and Development in Organic Synthesis
  • Process Impurities – Isolation and identification of low level impurities
  • Reference Standards – API related
  • Custom Synthesis and Scale-Up
  • Research and synthesis of controlled substances
  • We also offer a catalog of compounds we have prepared from previous projects. Most of these are in stock and ready to ship.
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Business Arrangements

Virtually all of our work is carried out under strict confidentiality agreements. Moreover, we grant all patent rights to our clients. After a confidentiality agreement is in place, we discuss and analyze the project. For a typical custom synthesis, we give a firm quote which includes the amount, purity and delivery date. Every compound we ship is accompanied by a certificate of analysis which includes HPLC or GLPC traces and an NMR spectrum. We can provide further analytical information when clients request it. Additional expenses may be reflected in the quote. We give our clients a very detailed description of the experimental work and any additional costs will be included in the quote.

Two other arrangements are available for projects that involve true research problems:

  • Time and material quotes – appropriate for small research projects, we try to make certain both parties are protected by setting limits on the time involved and arranging regular progress reports.
  • Long term continuing research work – to assure our clients of a continuous level of effort, we offer an FTE contract. The majority of our patented work has been done under this type of contract.

If you’d like to receive an estimate or discuss a project, call us at 541-484-2387 or contact us by clicking here.