Comprehensive Synthetic Process R&D

Synthetic Chemist using a rotovap to do process R&DWhether you need help with MedChem, expertise in new route scouting and process R&D before manufacturing clinical supplies, or simply need small amounts of compound synthesized, Cascade Chemistry is here for you. In our 14,000 foot facility based in Eugene, Oregon we have 15 R&D hoods and 3 kilo suites with capabilities from gram scale to 100L reactors that produce up to 10kg batches and, using a multi-batching approach, up to 40kg.

With over 40 years in business and a bench of expert scientists, 75% holding a PhD, that stay with the project from synthesis to cGMP, we’ve solved a range of complex chemistry challenges for our clients.

Our capabilities include:

  • New Route Development. Our team’s deep experience with retrosynthetic analysis provides thoughtful new approaches to synthetic route development.
  • Process R&D and Critical Process Parameters. Gain the flexibility and experience necessary to optimize a single reaction or rework of a 17-step synthesis, all while focusing on safe, cost effective, and scalable chemistry. We optimize processes for our facility as well as processes running at other CDMOs.
  • Impurity and Cold Label Standards. Join a wide range of pharmaceutical clients, including multinational generics companies, who trust us for single programs or ongoing engagements.
  • Medicinal Chemistry. Get help with new synthetic routes, intermediate synthesis, lead scale-up, and patent coverage.
  • Scale-Up. From gram scale to Phase 2 cGMP manufacturing, you’ll work with the same team in the same facility.
  • Chemical Specialties. These include Transition Metal Catalysis, Asymmetric Synthesis, Heterocycles, Protecting Group Strategies, and Solid Phase Synthesis.

Why Cascade Chemistry for Synthetic Services

Deep Scientific Expertise – We’ve been solving complex chemistry for over 40 years, and our chemists are experts – more than 75% hold PhDs and have an average of 16 years on the bench.

Broad Experience across Compound Classes – Over the years we’ve worked in many different classes of compounds from prostaglandins to heterocycles. We aren’t afraid of lengthy syntheses with carbon-carbon bond formations, asymmetric syntheses, and development of protecting group strategies.

Built-in Quality – We build quality into our approach from the start, whether we are running your cGMP project or working on your process R&D challenges. Our dedicated quality team and quality-first approach reduce risk and costs later on. Additionally, in the current COVID-19 environment, we are offering customers virtual audits to provide peace of mind for both employee safety and project success.

True Partnership – You will have access to senior management and the core scientific team no matter the size of your project. Our support team includes a fully integrated quality and analytical team with a reporting and communication framework that is customized for your needs.

Efficiency from Research to Lab – Our chemists are with your project from Day One and every step of the way from synthesis through to API manufacturing for clinical Phase 1 and 2. With Cascade Chemistry, the transfer from the lab to clinic is seamless.

Results for Our Clients

Our clients have received over 30 patents and many – two-thirds – stay with us for more than one project. Here’s just one example why:

Bay Area Pharmaceutical Company with a portfolio of therapeutics

Overview: A small pharma company needed help with a MedChem program to develop leads, develop a scalable process, and then manufacture materials for clinical trials.

Outcome: Cascade executed a MedChem program, developed a manufacturing route, made material for GLP tox studies, and finally manufactured Phase 1 and Phase 2 GMP batches. A second MedChem program has progressed through GLP and GMP Phase 1 manufacturing. A third MedChem program is underway.

Our Difference:

  • Worked creatively with a small client to stretch finances to get project to completion.
  • Collaborated closely with the customer’s MedChem team.
  • Our MedChem experience helped client to get to the compounds they needed, while expertise with scale-up and GMP got the customer to the clinic.

When Can We Start?

Call us at 541-484-2387 to discuss your requirements and timeline and find out more about our services and team or contact us to get started today.